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Designed for the inaugural “Sharing Dreams/Compartiendo Sueños,” exhibition sponsored by the American Institute of Graphic Arts Cross Cultural Design Initiative and the Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau (Havana).

A result of a collaborative project between five Cuban and five US designers, participants shared ideas and prototypes online, influencing the process and resulting in individual posters exhibited at ArteDigital 6 in Havana, Cuba in June and July 2004. Two versions were created, one in Spanish and the other English, so that they would be accessible without losing the rhythm of the text in a bilingual version. The text of the poster is a poem describing the mystical qualities of dreams, which transcend borders and boundaries. Dreams are a form of loving the self—expansive and giving. They allow for the body and mind to be free from the concerns of everyday life.

Digital print on paper / 33″ x 44″