the best band

On my way home tonight I passed by Santa Lucia Park. Thursday night is Santa Lucia night where the city puts on dances and has live music for people to dance to. They set up hundreds of chairs and a stage and the restaurants bring out tables on the park. Imagine then a group of  older women wearing huipiles in a band with a banjo, electric bass guitar, violin, drums, and maracas playing “Oh Susana… oh don’t you cry for me” letting out screeching howls instead of singing and the audience clapping along. I don’t think this is a Mexican version of a song, but I’ll have to check. Everyone was grooving to pure americana. It was great to see older women form a band and jam for the audience. Usually what I see is the city band playing 1940’s tropical music. This was nice. And no, tonight I did not bring my camera.

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