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  • DIY Chair

    Chair redesign by Jetske Groot.  Jetske finds old chairs, carefully disassembles them and recycles them into new chairs that reflect their past history. Jetske calls her series “Multiple Family”

  • Fabric Love: Cradle to Cradle

    The Loop By the Yard concept takes an industrial material with incredible characteristics and turns it into a product that consumers can customize. Its durability and unlimited applications guarantee that the product…

  • AfriGadget » Blog Archive » Re-using plastic containers in Kenya

    some really wonderful examples of what people do to re-use plastic bottles. i love the garden. i’m sorry i just recycled today. via afrigadget.com

  • AfriGadget

    via afrigadget.com Website showing how people solve “everyday problems with African ingenuity” – this is their quote, not mine. However, I’ve seen so many examples of poor and marginalized people being creative…