my first visit to uady

In 2005 the Facultad de Antropólogía moved into a new building outside of the city center. Today I discovered how “outside” outside can be. My bus ride was 45 minutes through some neighborhoods that gave me another perspective of Mérida. It cost me 4.5 pesos which is equivalent to 42 cents to ride the bus.

The building is very modern and the offices and radio, tv, computer labs are air conditioned and very updated. I will have an office and depending on the weather here, may actually decide it’s a good place to sleep since i don’t yet have any at home. They have a very nice mac lab, tv studio, and radio studio. Parking looks pretty plentiful though compared to what I am used to at Florida. The classrooms are open air with giant windows which we always wish we had that option in Florida.

The class I am teaching is called “design for the social good.” All the students in the social communication program do individual internships with public and private organizations during their last year of study. In my class we will work on teams with these organizations.

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