my favorite bookstore/café in mérida

If you’re looking for a great place to hang out, I highly recommend La Vía Café + Libreria. It’s got one of the best selections of books I’ve seen in Mérida, good food, a full bar, coffee + wireless internet. La Vía is located on Calle 21 # 477 Depto. 1 x 58A in Colonia Alcala Martín. They’ve got somewhat random hours, so call ahead: 920 03 71.

If you’re in the Centro and can’t make it out to La Vía, I suggest you try Café El Hoyo, located on Calle 62 between 59 and 61. They’ve also got wireless internet, great coffee and an excellent ambience. While they have a lovely patio, there is no air conditioning. The service is what you’d expect from an “art café” – you have to really call attention to yourself to get service after your first order. The salads and sandwiches are very good and, as they say, I haven’t gotten sick yet. I love the ambiance actually and quite literally spent the first few weeks of my life here there. A hip and eclectic crowd.

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