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So here’s my sister, with her new safety vest at DFW. Apparently these are en vogue so they don’t get run over by other airplanes, pecked at by birds, or other flight-delaying activities.

She also writes:
You want something even more funny? I was going to the ladies room in DFW.  You have to pass the automatic sinks to get to the stalls. The first time I went to the ladies room in my vest, I walked to the furthest stall and heard: “Swish, swish, swish, swish.” While doing the thing ladies do in the ladies room I almost burst out lauging as I realized the automatic sinks were spurring water as I walked past them because of the flourescent vest! After I left my place I walked to the very first sink and sure enough, as a test, all the sinks I passed started spurring water! Yesterday, as I walked through the ladies room, there were three women, not using sinks, yet standing in front of Mirror doing what I have been known to do in a ladies room: brushing hair, applying lipstick, making sure I look adorable! I walked passed them all as they were so complacently doing their woman things and through pure magic had each and every one wondering why water was suddenly spurring from thris sinks! Plus, as an added benefit, I now get “high fives” from the rampers and quite a bit of thumbs up with the new vest, especially noted since I tuck the vest into my pants!

I try to be well groomed and always present and represent Eagle pilots in the best possible light! 🙂