Arriving MX

This “pocket book” explores quotidian life in a region of México, the Yucatán peninsula, known predominantly for Maya culture/heritage sites and as a world-class tourist destination. My objective is to explore everyday practices in the spaces and places that both attract tourists and support the tourism industry. In this book, I reveal what is below the surface and recontextualize personal and sub-cultural expressions of identity and practices through collage, photography, reductive vernacular typography, and writing.

Leaving Florida/Arriving Mexico focuses on my travel from Florida to Playa del Carmen, México—one of the fastest growing resort cities in the Yucatán. This books is a combined visual and verbal essay on tourism and local culture. Through the juxtaposition of found objects and photographed activities, the tourism landscape is abstracted and made strange. The short written essays focus on topics evident in the visual—such as employment, shopping, and the migration of women from the neighboring state of Chiapas.

Dimensions: 3.75 x 3.75 x 1 inch
Description: 18 page + cover accordion fold book
Medium: inkjet print on paper