When Revision Is Redesign: Key Questions for Digital Scholarship

by Susan H. Delagrange. Find the full article here.

This webtext for Inventio describes my response to Kairos’ invitation for “re-envisioning,” which I took as a provocation, a challenge to literally re-see and reimagine the visual and conceptual design of my argument. By highlighting some of the complexities of the design and redesign of one digital project, I hope to demonstrate the complicated relationship between seeing and design in envisioning and enacting argument, to make more visible the rhetorical and intellectual work of scholarship in digital media, and to argue by example for publishing scholarship about new media in new media.

  • When the interface of an interactive, digital, scholarly article is designed as an integral part of the article’s argument, what are the rhetorical, conceptual, and technical challenges of re-designing the project to better enact that argument?
  • How can digital space be redesigned so that the experience of the user more closely corresponds to the meaning-making tropes of the argument?
  • What are the affordances and constraints of learning and writing underlying code when designing the visual and conceptual interface of a multimedia project?