GRA 4187C Design Workshop

This course bridges the study of design and professional practice. Emphasis is placed on conceptual, professional, and pragmatic design issues applied to likely real-world scenarios. The culmination of this course is the development of a comprehensive portfolio and a major project demonstrating cumulative graphic design skills.

GRA 3193C Visualization and Creativity

This course introduces graphic design majors to an interdisciplinary and dynamic professional practice. Students learn the many ways graphic design operates in the world and through assignments, learn how to become proficient in a research and conceptual process that is the foundation of successful design artifacts, strategies, and solutions.

ART 6933C Graduate Seminar in Graphic Design

These are rotating topic seminars with a studio component offered each semester to the graduate students in graphic design. The Seminars I have taught include: Designing an Ethnography; Design for the Social Good; Design Research and Practice; Ethnographic Methodologies for the Graphic Design Practice; Visual Literacy and Culture; Propaganda and Visual Communication; Design and Social Responsibility; and Expressive Typography.

GRA 3209C Typography 2

Explores the visual organization and integration of typographic information with images in printed documents. Nomenclature, mechanical processes, design and historical contexts are emphasized.

GRA 4923C Design + Professional Practice Studio

Known as Mint, this is a student-run graphic design studio I established in 2002 to teach students to practice graphic design in a professional context. It is an experiential professional practice studio with an emphasis on research, discovery, definition, design, and realization of real-world communication design projects in collaboration with peer design teams and selected client-partners. Projects have a pedagogical function and are diverse in concept, content, media, and scope.