My friend and colleague Florence Babb has been working in Perú for decades. Recently she shared these exciting products (above) she brought back from Perú this year. Not only do they inspire me since I am a big fan of all things popular and love the aesthetic and the typography, which is vibrant and thoughtful. But they’re taking power back through language and visual culture.

I lived in Peru in the early 1980s when the term “chola” or ”chola” (Cholo) was derogatory and definitely not one of empowerment. Certainly popular culture was nothing to be embraced but that was the 80s. Florence pointed out that there is powerful (somewhat new) popular chola movement. There are some interesting photos on the Atelier Blog that prompt questions about appropriation of indigenous textiles, clothing, etc. for a western marketplace. Some amazing and shocking juxtapositions of high fashion and western models posing in the streets of Cuzco and with indigenous men, women, and children.

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