in memoriam

jeannine, in her back yard. photo by her son eddie donnellan

One of the most lovely people I have met, Jeannine De Wolf, passed away on September 27th. When I moved to Merida last year, she opened her home and heart to me without question. Although our friendship would last for a little more than a year, she enriched my life in an exponential way.

Her cancer was diagnosed in October last year. Until the end she was filled with optimism and always fighting. She had such a “joie de vivre.” She expressed particular interest in the work I am doing in Yucatecan – the design for development projects. I expect this is because she was a great empowerer herself – always positive, resilient, strong, and loving. At the end of one’s physical life on earth, what more could one want than the love of friends and family and the knowledge that it was a life worth living all over again. You never know how much you will miss someone.