immigration project

detail of mural from santa elena
Project online here:

I recently finished compiling work I completed with INDEMAYA in Yucatán in a web presentation. The compilation is for the art faculty exhibit at the University of Florida but I also wanted to show the work online. Approximately 153,000 Yucatecans are immigrants. Twenty-five percent live and work in the US, in California, Colorado, Oregon, and some in Florida. Most come from rural towns, are of Maya heritage, and migrate because of economic necessity. This past year I have worked with the department of Atención a Migrantes, a division of the state’s institute for the development of Maya culture (INDEMAYA), which provides services for immigrants and the families they leave behind. These projects communicate INDEMAYA‘s services, are intended to invoke trust in a government organization, and humanize immigration. Immigration is very much a human rights issue.