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I am a designer, researcher, and professor of design at the University of Florida. Please reach out if you are interested in design pedagogy, co-design, or design futures.

KEY WORDS co-design, horizontal methods, social justice, equity, self-determination, design for development, decolonize

Soy diseñadora, investigadora y profesora de diseño en la Universidad de la Florida, EEUU. Por favor, comuníquese si está interesado en la pedagogía del diseño, el diseño conjunto o el diseño de futuros.

PALABRAS CLAVES co-diseñar, métodos horizontales, justicia social, equidad, auto-determinación


My work is situated in the social, cultural, and political aspects of design, especially as these relate to globalization and decoloniality. This also extends to ways we can use design processes and strategies to address complex and pressing problems.

I have two research projects described below: 1) Design for Development (D4D) initiative, in which I and my students co-investigate (i.e., partner) with subject matter experts and indigenous entrepreneurs who seek autonomy as they make and market their products and 2) the Mira Project, in which I explore the visual representation of Mexican-ness through creative work and writing.

I have presented my work at numerous international and national conferences and recently published “Co-Designing for Development” with Raúl Sánchez in the Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Design (2018). 


En investigación mi principal línea de acción es a través de la iniciativa Diseño para el Desarrollo (D4D), en la cual co-diseñamos con otros diseñadores, alumnos, y expertos, ideando proyectos sustentables de comercio justo con emprendedores indígenas (Maya, Wixárika) en México. 

He presentado los resultados en numerosos congresos como MX Diseño: Impacto Social de Diseño y Academia Europea de Diseño. He publicado en Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Design (2018) y la revista Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies Journal, entre otros. Contribuyó al Manifiesto Internacional de Educación en Diseño (ICO-D).  Mi obra creativa ha sido exhibida internacionalmente, en lugares como Reino Unido, Hungría, Cuba, Venezuela, México, y los EEUU.


the MxD – our new MFA, Design & Visual Communications

Our new MFA in Design at the University of Florida is set to launch in fall 2019. Its origins are with the d4d work and expands and creates new models to solve real-world problems facing a wide range of communities in Florida and beyond. The program will reflect and contribute to DVC’s emerging...
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DRS Collage

Transforming Design: Indigeneity and Mestizaje in Latin America

UF Design Professors Gaby Hernández and María Rogal, along with Rául Sánchez of UF’s Department of English, led an international group of designers and design educators in a conversation titled “Transforming Design: Indigeneity and Mestizaje in Latin America.”
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photo of chapter spread, co-designing for development

Co-designing for development

Raúl Sánchez (UF English) and I published an essay, “Co-Designing for Development,” in the Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Design (ed. Rachel Beth Egenhoefer). Our essay uses my decade-long design research initiative, Design for Development, a collaboration with indigenous entrepreneurs in...
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Design Incubation Nametag

Design Incubation Fellowship

  I recently attended the Design Incubation Fellowship in NYC. It was one of the most relevant, informative, and inspiring professional experiences of my life and certainly the best recently. There were many things that made this great. Here are a few: As a field, we need more of this. And...
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moringa finalphotofront

Moringa Project for Throwback Thursday

In 2010, students in Technologies and Processes collaborated with NGO Impala Development Services (Swaziland) to create a name, identity, and packaging for Moringa Powder to be sold in Swaziland and South Africa. The moringa tree is fast growing and drought resistant and has the added value...
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Rongfei Geng / IMG_2265

Rongfei Geng Creative Project

I had the pleasure of working with Rongfei Geng while he was an MFA student at the University of Florida. I ran across his creative project work recently—An Ideal University Life—which was an exploration of expectations, hopes, fears, and experiences of Chinese youth in and after university.
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United Faculty of Florida-UF

Collaboration with the United Faculty of Florida–UF, the faculty union at the University of Florida—to develop a
Love Dust Thumbnail

Embrace: MX Series

Drawing from the material culture, photographs of people, places and things of México, this work is an attempt to
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Xyaat Ecotourism Promotion

The Xyaat Ecotourism Cooperative developed a sustainable, responsible cultural and environmental tour in the town
Hach Kaab Thumbnail

Hach Kaab Honey

Exhibited at the MX09: Social Impact of Design Conference in Mexico City. This poster presents the dynamics,
Dia del Migrante Yucateco

Indemaya Murals

Approximately 153,000 Yucatecans are immigrants. In 2006–2007 I worked with the Subdirección de Atención a
Mira = Look Thumbnail

Mira = Look

Inkjet on paper, 2011, 8.25″ x 6″ x .25″ inches This book articulates the connections between the
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