designer/researcher/professor of graphic design, university of florida. interests include globalization, decoloniality, processes, social justice.

selected works

In 2010 I began working with the United Faculty of Florida–UF, the faculty union at the University of Florida—to
Love Dust Thumbnail
Drawing from the material culture, photographs of people, places and things of México, this work is an attempt to
This “pocket book” explores quotidian life in a region of México, the Yucatán peninsula, known predominantly for
Que Légitimo Thumbnail
Collages expressing the visual landscape of Playa del Carmen, México, a city on the Riviera Maya, México. digital
Hach Kaab Thumbnail
Exhibited at the MX09: Social Impact of Design Conference in Mexico City. This poster presents the dynamics,
Dia del Migrante Yucateco
Approximately 153,000 Yucatecans are immigrants. In 2006–2007 I worked with the Subdirección de Atención a
Indemaya Website Thumbnail
A Microsite for INDEMAYA’s office that works directly with immigrants and their families in the US and Yucatán.
Semilla Maya
This was a collaborative project funded by the United Nations Development Program for a regiona
Estrategias Thumbnail
Book cover, promotion design, and design consultant for Estrategias Identitarias: Educación y la Antropología