In my work I pursue a vision of graphic design that is infused with an ethic of social responsibility. I am keen to collaborate to grow design and welcome inquiries.


In 2010 I began working with the United Faculty of Florida–UF, the faculty union at the University of Florida—to
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Embrace: MX Series

Drawing from the material culture, photographs of people, places and things of México, this work is an attempt to

Arriving MX

This “pocket book” explores quotidian life in a region of México, the Yucatán peninsula, known predominantly for
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Qué Legitimo

Collages expressing the visual landscape of Playa del Carmen, México, a city on the Riviera Maya, México. digital
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Hach Kaab Honey

Exhibited at the MX09: Social Impact of Design Conference in Mexico City. This poster presents the dynamics,
Dia del Migrante Yucateco

Indemaya Murals

Approximately 153,000 Yucatecans are immigrants. In 2006–2007 I worked with the Subdirección de Atención a
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Indemaya Website

A Microsite for INDEMAYA’s office that works directly with immigrants and their families in the US and Yucatán.
Semilla Maya

Semilla Maya

This was a collaborative project funded by the United Nations Development Program for a regiona
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Estrategías Identitarias

Book cover, promotion design, and design consultant for Estrategias Identitarias: Educación y la Antropología

Mérida en Domingo

This photographic book is a result of a 7 minute and 3 second observation of a young dancer after her performance
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Designed for the inaugural “Sharing Dreams/Compartiendo Sueños,” exhibition sponsored by the American Institute of
Royal Red detail


Typeface Specimen Sheet / 24″ x 32″ Inspired by the life and patterns of the salmon and specifically